I am an assistant professor of Operations Management at School of Data Science, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen.

Research Interests

  • I like research with real-wrold applications, focused on:
    • Revenue management in recommendation systems (e.g. live-streaming platforms)
    • Investment management in innovation market
    • Policy implications for government (e.g. carbon emission control)
    • Game design, etc.
  • I am learning and have grasped various methodologies, including:
    • Mechanism design
    • Dyanmic programming and stochastic optimization
    • Complexity analysis, bandits and online algorithms.
    • Recently, I am also very interested in algorithmic game theory and privacy preserving algorithms.

To students:

  • If you have a strong mathematical background and are interested in visiting or working on a project with me, please drop me an email at pgao@connect.ust.hk.


  • Ph.D., Operations Management, HKUST, 2017.09-2021.05.
  • Quantitative Analyst/Product Associate, A Fintech Company, 2017.02-2017.06
  • Business/Data Analyst, A E-commerce Company, 2016.01-2016.06
  • Visiting Student, Physics, Peking University, 2015.10-2015.12
  • M.Phil., Theoretical Physics, HKUST, 2013.07-2015.07
    • Failed to finish the PhD degree in Physis after two-years struggling.
    • Advisor: Tai-Kai Ng
  • B.Sc. Physics, Wuhan University, 2009.09-2013.06